Our Team

Colin, Ros, Simon and Philip Thompson have been hosts at Dornoch Castle Hotel for ten years, ably helped by a loyal team, some of whom have been here for over 20 years. They are looking forward to improving the business further over the next 10 years and beyond!

Charlie The Cat: On Tuesday 25th May 2010 we had to say Goodbye to our friend Charlie the Cat.
One day around 10 years ago, a Cat arrived at the Castle. The Cats Protection were contacted and after some consideration, it was decided that the stray would stay. He made himself at home and before long he had a bed beside the fire in the bar. He was named Charles Edward Stewart aka Charlie – after all, he was the King of the Castle.
Charlie loved to wander around the hotel, making sure everything was running smoothly!
He had a wonderful life and made many friends over the years.
We Miss You Charlie…Today, Tomorrow and Always.

Peter Pan, our magical statue oversees the garden and our resident ghost (a sheep-stealer who was hung near the Castle) likes to occasionally appear in some of the rooms.